• Norwegian office addresses

    Wintershall Norge AS
    Kanalpiren, Hinna Park
    Laberget 28
    NO 4020 Stavanger

    Espehaugen 32
    NO 5258 Bergen
    Phone: +47 51 82 24 00
    Fax: +47 51 91 06 11

    Postal address:

    Wintershall Norge AS
    P.O. Box 230, Sentrum
    4001 Stavanger

  • Headquarter address

    Wintershall Holding GmbH
    Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 160
    34119 Kassel

    Phone +49 561 301-3301
    Fax +49 561 301-1321

Stavanger office

Wintershall Norge's main office in Norway is located in Jåttåvågen in Stavanger, only 15 minutes from Stavanger Airport Sola and 8 minutes by train from the city centre.

Over 400 Wintershall employees and partners are working off three locations in Hinna Park. The main reception can be found in Laberget 28.

The new Wintershall Norge office is currently under construction and will be opened in August 2016. The new office building will offer modern facilities for 550 employees in the Hinna Park sea front.

Guest parking

Guest parking is available by payment in the public area on the ground floor of Kanalpiren.

The entrance to the parking lot is located on the right side of the Kanalpiren building close to Viking's training grounds.

Bergen Office

Wintershall Norge's office in Bergen is located on Espehaugen close to Bergen Airport Flesland.

From the Bergen office the Norwegian offshore production is being coordinated by a team of nearly 90 experienced specialists.  In addition 130 employees work on rotation on the Brage platform.