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Wintershall har levert plan for utbygging og drift av Maria Maria blir Wintershalls første felt fra funn til utbygging i Norge

Oslo. Ny milepæl for Wintershall i Norge. Den største internasjonalt aktive tyske olje- og gassprodusenten og partnerskapet har levert plan for utbygging og drift (PUD) av Maria-feltet til Olje- og energidepartementet.

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Wintershalls olje- og gassverden på din tablet: ny digital brosjyre for 2015 Opplev Wintershall sin verden på din tablet:

Lær mer om ressursene råolje, naturgass og kondensat, og hør lyden av havet rundt vår offshoreplattform Brage. Med appen Wintershall Publications får du full oversikt over tall og fakta om Wintershall, så vel som fasinerende inntrykk. Alt å ett sted.

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Wintershall Norge har omkring 50 lisenser på norsk sokkel, noe som gjør oss til en av de største lisensholderne.

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08.05.2015 Wintershall tildeler undervannskontrakt for Maria-feltet

Kontraktsverdi på cirka 2,2 milliarder kroner (300 millioner US dollar) / Den andre store Maria-kontrakten tildelt av Wintershall Norge AS

05.05.2015 Wintershall har levert plan for utbygging og drift av Maria

Maria blir Wintershalls første felt fra funn til utbygging i Norge / Kostnadseffektiv utbygging med flere vertsplattformer som benytter eksisterende infrastruktur i...

19.03.2015 Wintershall med stabil inntekt

Fjerde år på rad med milliardoverskudd / Wintershall fortsetter å utvide sine aktiviteter i Norge / Nytt produksjonsmål: 198 million fat i 2018

18.03.2015 Knarr-feltet settes i produksjon

Produksjonskapasitet på 63.000 fat per dag / Wintershall med eierandel på 20 prosent

27.02.2015 Wintershall tar over operatørskapet av Vega

Første operatørskap av undervannsfelt i Norge / Utvidelse av egenoperert produksjon på norsk sokkel

Selskapets sosiale medier

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On its way to Denmark, towed by two ships: the platform for the Ravn field, that will be lead into the production phase by Wintershall as operator. First oil is expected by the end of 2015.

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Horsehead pumps in Germany: The approximately 1400 pumpjacks - 214 of them owned by Wintershall - supply over 3% of Germany’s crude oil needs; enough for roughly one-quarter of a million households. Our picture from the “90 years horse-head pump” series shows that the pumps were already a part of the northern German landscape in the 1940s.

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Above the clouds: on Friday the new Wintershall hot air balloon took off into the blue skies on its maiden voyage in Barnstorf, one of our production sites in northern Germany. Present were also our employees, who had a chance to win a ride in a prize drawing and see our productions sites once from above as well. #balloon

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There have been already signs of summer in the air. But the rain and gray clouds of today don't really reflect that. Therefore, we simply think of good weather – and the nodding donkey from one of our production sides agrees. In this spirit: Have a good start into the week! #monday #germany

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The Wintershall world of oil and gas for your tablet - the new 2015 digital corporate brochure is now available. Discover the world of Wintershall: learn more about the resources crude oil, natural gas and condensate or listen to the water roar around our offshore platform Brage. With Wintershall Publications you get all current facts and figures about Wintershall as well as fascinating impressions at a glance. Download here:

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Commuting differently: While most of us come to work with the train, car or bike, our colleagues on the offshore platforms take a helicopter to and from work. Like in this picture, where our colleagues enter the helicopter on the F16-A platform in the southern North Sea. In this sense: Get ready for take off - have a great start into the new week! #Monday

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An accolade for excellence: Wintershall was presented with an award for the best international communication campaign by a German company in Berlin yesterday evening. Corporate Communications received the PR Report Award for its successful change communication in Norway and the "We are here to stay" campaign. The jury for this prestigious PR prize was impressed by the internal and external communication by the internationally active oil and gas producer surrounding the recent transactions with Statoil. Wintershall has increased daily production in Norway from 3,000 to a current level of 60,000 barrels of oil equivalent. The workforce has risen from 200 to 500. That represents a huge challenge for the company – and also for communication.

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For over 60 years we have been producing crude oil in Emlichheim at plateau – 3 times longer than originally planned. How? With the help of innovative production techniques like steam flooding - learn more here:

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Active in the southern North Sea for 50 years: Wintershall is strengthening its position in the region and is driving forward the development of its own natural gas and oil discoveries, announces General Manager Robert Frimpong on occasion of the Flame international energy conference in Amsterdam. Wintershall is already one of the largest natural gas producers in the Netherlands - a strong crude oil component is now being developed with the Rembrandt Field. The Ravn Field marks the launch of the self-operated production in Denmark. More at:

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Since 90 years horse-head pumps bring oil to the surface. That’s why we show you a selection of different pumps in the next weeks - in a little “90 years horse-head pump” series. We start with one of our own pumps: horse-head-pump at sunset in Emlichheim, Germany.


On its way to Denmark, towed by two ships: the production platform for the #Ravn field in the southern North Sea.


Oil: "Supply growth in many markets is still too rapid”, say Barclays analysts. #Brent crude down to $64.5.


Saudi Arabian Oil Minister said on Tuesday that he expects Asian oil demand to grow. #Brent at 64.7$/barrel.


Oil prices declined compared to last week. A barrel #Brent costs $64.81 at the moment.


Oil prices held steady on Friday near 2015-highs reached the session before. #Brent at $65.09/barrel.


Brent crude oil rose slightly around lunch time. A barrel #Brent currently costs $63.38. #oilprice


#Brent crude oil dipped under $62/barrel after industry data showed a build in U.S. crude inventories.


Wintershall’s world of oil & gas for tablets – download our new 2015 digital brochure:


#Brent crude oil steadies around $63/barrel, close to 2015 high, supported by speculations over falling U.S. output.


Baker Hughes: Count of US oil drilling rigs fell for 19th straight week to the lowest since 2010. #Brent at 63,9$.

Wintershall er et internasjonalt olje- og gasselskap Virksomhet på fire kontinenter

Wintershall er et internasjonalt olje- og gasselskap med virksomhet på fire kontinenter. Vi ser tilbake på 120 års boreerfaring. I mer enn 80 år har vi vært involvert i leting og produksjon av råolje og naturgass. Selskapet sysselsetter om lag 2500 personer fra 40 land. Vi er datterselskap av BASF, verdens største kjemiselskap.