Wintershall kjøper andel i Luno II

Wintershall har inngått avtale med Lundin om å kjøpe en 15 prosent andel i produksjonslisens 359 som inneholder Luno II funnet.
Med forbehold om godkjenning fra myndighetene vil kjøpet av andelen ha tilbakevirkende kraft fra 1. juni 2014. Transaksjonsvederlaget er 8,75 millioner dollar.

Med dette kjøpet fortsetter Wintershall å styrke sin posisjon på norsk sokkel. Luno II er lokalisert i nabolisensen til Edvard Grieg feltet der Wintershall har en 15 prosent eierandel. Planlagt produksjonsstart på Edvard Grieg er 2015.

Wintershall interaktiv: digital bedriftsbrosjyre

Bli med på en reise inn i Wintershalls verden med vår nye digitale brosjyre: Hør bølgene bruse rundt Brage-plattformen. Ta styringen på en seismisk projeksjon. Hent nye inntrykk og få spennende fakta fra Wintershall med ditt nettbrett.

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Wintershall Norge lisenskart

Wintershall Norge har omkring 50 lisenser på norsk sokkel, noe som gjør oss til en av de største lisensholderne.

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  • Wintershall insight: Total World Energy spoke to Wintershall about their Centre for Remote Control Operations. t.co/HUseqdjH52


    #Brent at $107, on track to end the week flat as tensions in oil producing regions support prices against weak demand t.co/6NuNq7RX6b


    #Brent dipped below $108 today as weak demand from EU and plentiful supplies offset strong Chinese factory data. t.co/sc81i9ldmS


    #Brent crude nudged lower but held above $107 a barrel on Wednesday. t.co/qpBV2nlvLf


    Expectations of large draws in U.S. oil stockpiles - #Brent crude held steady above $107 a barrel on Tuesday. t.co/caiAHn7gVL


    Enter a fairy tale: Visit the brothers Grimm festival in #Kassel! Supported by Wintershall t.co/x86Hm0XFJ7 t.co/Vj1C9ZW4OZ


    #Brent crude for September deliver dipped on Monday but held above $107 a barrel. t.co/enKiw1SQIQ


    "The News last night is the catalyst to push oil higher." Brent climbed to $108.46 a barrel this morning. t.co/msUPw4gOCs


    #Brent held above $107 as a drop in US stockpiles and economic growth data from China indicated an improving outlook. t.co/jdtJ7YoFNU


    Our new Wintershall app got a mention on the Facebook channel of Adobe! See the showcase of the app here: t.co/IiM4UX0Oto

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    Oil is a component that is used in most modern appliances. Your computer, your smartphone and your TV are all made out of plastic that uses oil as its basis.

    But how do you find oil? Onshore oil resources are hidden 500 to 5000 meters below the earth’s surface. In this case Wintershall uses vibro vehicles that send out sound waves to identify oil deposits deep underground.

    Learn more about how we find oil and how our vibro vehicles work here:

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    Did you know? The oil field with the greatest stamina is not in Saudi Arabia, and it’s not in Qatar either! It lies on the German-Dutch border. Wintershall has been producing crude oil at a constantly high level in Emlichheim for 70 years. This plateau production is unparalleled in the world and it is steam flooding that makes it possible.

    We celebrated the 70th anniversary of oil production in Emlichheim - read more here:

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    Not only Wintershall is getting more international but also Kassel, the city where our headquarter is located in. Since the number of our international employees is growing, we initiated the Swiss International School in Kassel for their children. The bilingual school will open its doors for the first time in September to its pupils.

    You live in Kassel and are looking for an international school? Read more here:


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    The whole world is our home. International, diverse and proud of it: 2,500+ employees from more than 40 nations work for Wintershall in locations all around the globe. Check out this simplified map for insights: Yellow are Wintershall's focus regions. The grey lines start in the original home countries of selected employees and end in the locations where they are working for Wintershall. bit.ly/1vzHpb1

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    You’re a fairy tale fan and interested in visiting Kassel? The former hometown of the brothers Grimm and location of our headquarter hosts the Brüder Grimm festival, showing plays and musicals of their fairy tales. Wintershall has donated the benches for the events so everyone can fully enjoy the performances. Get your tickets and enjoy the show: https://www.brueder-grimm-festival.com/home.html

    Read more about Wintershall and the festival here: bit.ly/1qwnWuX

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    Good morning! We just found out that Adobe presents our latest Wintershall app on their Facebook channel with a showcase. We like! What about you?

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    Wintershall insight: Jan Gunnar is the platform boss on Brage and has worked in the oil industry for 34 years. He loves his job since day one and we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions.

    Mr. Gunnar, what's the best thing about your job?
    - That no one day is like the other and there are new challenges to dig your claws into everyday. I find that interesting. In addition, our roster gives us quite a lot of time off. Those are good aspects.

    What does your work involve?
    - I ensure that everything on the platform is organized in a safe and coordinated way. We aim to avoid unwelcome situations by doing that. At the same time I try to motivate employees to do what's expected of them – and a bit more.

    - If you could choose another profession, what would it be?
    I've worked in the oil industry for 34 years and have never thought about working in another. I can't imagine that other jobs are just as exciting. But if I had to choose, it would be in a management post. I like being the boss.

    If you are looking for a challenging job with lots of opportunities, Wintershall is the place to be. Check out our open job positions here: https://www.wintershall.com/en/career.html #career

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    One company, one international team! This morning, we received these pictures from our colleagues in Qatar with the following message: "We are celebrating being Weltmeister in Qatar as well!! Even our Dutch colleagues joined in." Thanks for sharing with us and many greetings back!

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    Oops, with all the excitement about the World Cup, we've missed another special event: our 5,000th follower! But, no matter, we'll just celebrate the 5,072th today instead. We're delighted! ;-)

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    Norway celebrates Germany's World Cup Victory! After Germany's strong semifinal and the victory over Argentina in the thrilling World Cup final, the golden trophy was celebrated with cakes and non-alcoholic champagne by our Norwegian colleagues in Stavanger during this Week's Infomation Meeting. We like!

Wintershall er et internasjonalt aktiv olje- og gasselskap med virksomhet på fire kontinenter. Vi ser tilbake på 120 års boreerfaring. I mer enn 80 år har vi vært involvert i leting og produksjon av råolje og naturgass. Selskapet sysselsetter om lag 2500 personer fra 40 land. Vi er datterselskap av BASF, verdens største kjemiselskap.