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Wintershall Norge want to be known for our ability to create value and form the best teams in the industry. Your contribution will positively impact the company and the community. At Wintershall you will make things happen.

Meet our employees

Azim Fiaz
Senior SAP Key User
Kirstin Larsen
Project Control Manager for Maria
Deborah Sandven
Asset Manager
Anne Grethe Bretting
Senior Geologist
Daniel Opsen
Elling Brubakk
Senior Facility and Project Engineer
Sølvi Eik
Senior Reservoir Geologist
Sissel Adsem Haugen
Operational HSE Manager
Knut Müller
Well Operations Team Lead

Our values

Our motto at Wintershall Norge is We Make Things Happen. That’s why we recruit the best people who share our ambitions and values, and invest in them to allow them to flourish. We strongly believe that achieving our ambitious goals means being Creative, Open, Responsible and Entrepreneurial. At Wintershall Norge, these are more than just words. Together, we make things happen by putting these values at the heart of everything we do.

Being creative means having the courage to pursue bold ideas, working together to inspire our colleagues and striving to constantly improve every area of the business.

Being open means being receptive to new ideas, valuing diversity, sharing in the success of others, and honestly sharing our opinions in an environment of trust and respect. This is crucial to the way we work because it allows us – no matter where or at which level we work - to contribute and act responsibly without fear of being ignored or marginalised.

Being responsible means never compromising on safety, adhering to demanding standards of compliance, and taking our commitment to society and the environment seriously. We are proud of our company and feel passionate about our culture and achievements.

That is why we want to be entrepreneurial and make sure that we make decisions which make a difference to our partners and make a contribution to Norwegian society. We want to embrace personal responsibility, and strive to contribute individually and as a team to the success of Wintershall Norge.

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We believe in Diversity Quality workforce

At Wintershall Norge we believe in employing the best people. That is why we have one of the most diverse workforces. Our commitment to diversity ensures we can pick the best, most highly skilled people whatever their age, sex, race or background.

Our workforce is 40 percent female. That is around double the industry average, and a proud marker for how strongly we welcome diversity, and how committed we are to picking from the deepest pool of talent. Our core team is made up of 22 different nationalities and growing.

Whether they have just arrived in Norway or been here their whole lives, we believe each person brings a valuable new perspective to the growing Wintershall family and the local community.

We highly value our staff’s quality of experience. That’s why we employ people of all age ranges,ensuring we have a vibrant mix of knowledge and experience to help drive the business forward. We feel strongly that our staff should continue to grow and learn while they work at Wintershall Norge so we make sure they are exposed to all levels of the business and can make a contribution beyond their immediate discipline.

Skilled people You make things happen

There’s no doubt about it - culture is all about people. That’s why we’re proud to say that our colleagues are our key competitive advantage. Every single colleague contributes to our culture and success.

As a company, it’s our responsibility to invest in every colleague and provide room for your professional and personal growth in a stimulating work environment. As a member of the Wintershall team, you’ll collaborate with some of the best people in the industry from more than 22 countries. Join us, and together we’ll make things happen.

What we offer Rewards and benefits at Wintershall Norge

We can only make things happen when we are happy and healthy. At Wintershall, we believe in quality. That includes quality in life – and we offer a competitive package of salary and benefits to allow you to pursue a high quality of life. In addition to joining our exciting adventure on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, you will get excellent health and pension benefits and a range of activities designed to allow you to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

We know that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. So as well as subsidized gym memberships, healthy lunch options in our canteen and team sports events.

Our Art Catalogues Get an overview of our art collections in Bergen and Stavanger

Picture gallery Our art collections

Within our art collections we have 82 different works of art in the Wintershall offices in Stavanger and Bergen. We support art as a source of inspiration which stimulates, challenges and provokes our senses in everyday life.

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