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At Wintershall Norge, we make things happen. We are one of the most successful oil and gas companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) and are one of the leading operators in the industry. The NCS is one of the core regions in Wintershall’s global portfolio and we are here to stay.

Wintershall Norge has a unique advantage being a part of BASF. This gives us a strong financial backbone and the support to achieve our ambitious goals.

We have achieved exploration successes in recent years with for example the Maria and Nova discoveries, and are moving quickly to develop the reserves. Since 2013 we have been the operator of a major production platform in Norway, Brage, and in 2015 we became operator of our first subsea field, Vega. We have a long-term approach and are investing about half of our worldwide exploration budget in the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

I am excited to be leading one of Norway’s most dynamic and ambitious operators. With the world-class team we have assembled, I expect us to reach even greater success.

Hugo Dijkgraaf, Managing Director

Our ambitions

Our goal at Wintershall Norge is to be acknowledged as one of the leading operators in Norway, known for the ability to create value and to form the best teams in the industry. Through our successful activities in Norway, we want to help achieve the challenging, overall goals of Wintershall.

  • Ensure operational excellence for further profitable production
  • Maintain long-term solid growth
  • Secure excellent HSEQ performance
  • Strengthen expertise in all upstream operations
  • Create value as a preferred and reliable partner
  • Live our CORE values: being creative, open, responsible and entrepreneurial
  • Foster a motivated team – best in the industry

We strongly believe that achieving our ambitious goals means being Creative, Open, Responsible and Entrepreneurial.

Being creative means having the courage to pursue bold ideas, working together to inspire our colleagues and striving to constantly improve every area of the business. 

Being open means being receptive to new ideas, valuing diversity, sharing in the success of others, and honestly sharing our opinions in an environment of trust and respect.


Being responsible means never compromising on safety, adhering to demanding standards of compliance, and taking our commitment to society and the environment seriously. 

We will be entrepreneurial and make sure that we make decisions which make a difference to our partners and make a contribution to Norwegian society.

History More than 10 years in Norway

April 2006

Wintershall Norge AS opens office in Oslo

January 2007

Company is awarded its first licenses in APA 2006

October 2008

Wintershall Norge announces offer for all shares in the Norwegian listed E&P company Revus Energy ASA

December 2008

The acquisition of Revus Energy is completed and Wintershall Norge announces that all activities in Norway will move to Stavanger

January 2009

Wintershall Norge is awarded six exploration licenses in APA 2008 including five operatorships

June 2009

Wintershall Norge announces the Grosbeak oil and gas discovery in its first operated exploration well on the Norwegian Continental Shelf

October 2009

The company moves into new offices in Hinna Park in Stavanger

November 2009

Wintershall increases stake in Grosbeak discovery to 45 percent 

January 2010

Wintershall Norge is awarded four new licenses in APA 2009 including three operatorships

July 2010

Maria and Blakeney discoveries

January 2011

Wintershall Norge is awarded ten new production licenses in the APA 2010 licensing round and secures the highest number of production on the NCS after Equinor

February 2011

Wintershall Norge wins employer of the year award, ranking among three most attractive employers on NCS and is nominated to be explorer of the year

April 2011

Wintershall is awarded first Operatorship in the Barents Sea

May 2011

Wintershall raises share in Maria discovery to 50 percent

January 2012

The Norwegian Petroleum and Energy Ministry has awarded Wintershall Norge working interests in seven new exploration licenses in the current round APA 2011

March 2012

Discovery of Skarfjell

March 2012

Appraisal well proves in higher range of estimate on oil and gas estimates for “Maria”

October 2012

Wintershall and Equinor agree on asset swap in the North Sea oil and gas fields Brage, Vega, Gjøa and Edvard Grieg

January 2013

The Norwegian Petroleum and Energy Ministry awards Wintershall Norge working interest in seven new exploration licenses in licensing round APA 2012

January 2013

Wintershall completes successful appraisal well on Asha Noor

August 2013

Wintershall Norge completes asset swap deal with Equinor

October 2013

Opens Bergen office

Wintershall Norge took over operatorship of Brage from Equinor in October 2013.

October 2013

Wintershall Norge takes over operatorship of Brage from Equinor

Maria Development
Wintershall's plan for Development and Operation (PDO) for Maria approved by Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

November 2013

Subsea tieback selected as preferred development option for Wintershall's Maria field

January 2014

Wintershall is awarded eight new licenses in Norway

March 2014

Wintershall Norge optimizes it's portfolio in the north sea. Northern UK assets aquired by hungarian MOL Group

June 2014

Wintershall ranked the fastest growing large company in norway by Magazine Kapital

December 2014

Wintershall acquires from Equinor additional shares in oil and gas fields Vega and Gjøa, the Aasta Hansteen development, the Asterix discovery, the Polarled pipeline project, and four exploration licenses

December 2014

Studies show higher estimated reserves for the Maria field

January 2015

Wintershall Norge is awarded eight new promising licenses in APA 2014 including three operatorships

March 2015

Wintershall Norge takes over operatorship of Vega from Equinor

PDO for Maria submitted
Wintershall submitting the plan for development and Operation (PDO) for Maria for Norwegian authorities.

May 2015

Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) for Maria submitted to Norwegian authorities

Maria Development
Wintershall's plan for Development and Operation (PDO) for Maria approved by Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

September 2015

Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) for Maria approved by Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.

January 2016

Wintershall Norge is awarded seven new promising licenses in APA 2015 including four operatorships

August 2016

Milestone in the Maria development project reached, as templates and pipelines are installed on Haltenbanken in the Norwegian Sea

October 2016

Wintershall celebrates 10 years in Norway and moves into new office in Stavanger.

January 2017

Wintershall Norge is awarded five licenses and two operatorships in the APA 2016 licensing round.

March 2017

Official opening of new office building in Stavanger by Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Anniken Hauglie

December 2017

Production start on the Maria Field in the Norwegian Sea one year ahead of schedule

January 2018

Wintershall awarded six new licenses and three operatorships in the APA 2017 license round

Wintershall "Project Developer of the Year" Maria Gullkronen Award February 2018

February 2018

Wintershall named “Project Developer of the Year” for the Maria development in the Gullkronen 2018 awards.

Official Maria Field Opening March 2018

March 2018

The Maria Field was officially opened by Director General of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy Lars Erik Aamot

Nova Opening PDO Submission Hugo Dijkgraaf 2018

May 2018

Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) for Nova submitted to Norwegian authorities

Nova Branding
Nova Campaign Wintershall Norwegian

September 2018

Plan for Development and Operation (PDO) for Nova approved by Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

Two Helmets
DEA Helme

October 2018

BASF and LetterOne sign agreement to merge Wintershall and DEA

December 2018

Production start on the Aasta Hansteen field

Wintershall history 80 years' success

Wintershall is Germany's largest internationally active crude oil and natural gas producer. Wintershall is a subsidiary of BASF, the world's leading chemical company. For more than 80 years, Wintershall has produced oil and gas for the European market, exploring on four different continents.


Hugo Dijkgraaf
Hugo Dijkgraaf
Managing Director
Janne Lea
Janne Lea
Klaus Siebert
Klaus Siebert
Finance and Information Management
Guy Oakes
Guy Oakes
Eivind Torheim
Eivind Torheim
Alv Bjørn Solheim
Alv Bjørn Solheim
Technical Director
Nils Helge Sørgård
Nils Helge Sørgård
Business Development & Commercial
Ellen Braune
Drilling & Wells
Tone Samuelsen
Tone Samuelsen
HR and Business Services
Tina Endresen Stornes
Tina Endresen Stornes
Børge Nerland
Børge Nerland
André Hesse
Project Director Nova

We make things happen Our visual concepts

License Portfolio & Partnership

Wintershall Norge holds around 50 licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. We are operator on around half of our licenses which stretch the whole length of the Norwegian coast. Over the past few years, we have been one of the most successful oil and gas companies in the region and we are now developing our own fields for production. We continue to explore our own assets and work closely with our partners to produce oil and gas throughout the whole area, from mature fields in the North Sea all the way to the Barents Sea.


Wintershall DEA Logo

Wintershall and DEA are now Wintershall Dea.