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License Portfolio & Partnership

In recent years, Wintershall has continued to considerably expand activities in Norway. Today, the company holds about 50 licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, more than half of them as operator. The company is therefore one of the largest license holders in Norway and invests approximately half of its global exploration budget in this region. We continue to explore our own assets and work closely with our partners to produce oil and gas throughout the whole area, from mature fields in the southern North Sea all the way to the Barents Sea.

License portfolio

Wintershall Norge is committed to maintaining a strong license portfolio for exploration on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. This is one of the cornerstones in our strategy of being one of the leading operators in the industry.

We currently hold around 50 licenses and we are operator on more than half of these. Our licenses are located along the whole length of the Norwegian coast including the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea.

They include areas within the more mature areas of the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea plus licenses in less explored areas of the Barents Sea.

We have enjoyed significant exploration success in recent years, with discoveries including Maria and Nova. We also hold equity in some of the most productive discoveries in recent years including Knarr, Edvard Grieg and Aasta Hansteen.

Wintershall Norge is active in the license rounds for new acreage on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Wintershall Norge license map

Wintershall Norge has around 50 licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, making us one of the largest license holders in the region.

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Our partners Sharing our assets

Wintershall Norge’s partners are crucial in the development and operation of our fields. We have around 50 licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and we are the operator on around half of those. For these fields, we believe in dividing the risk, value and responsibility with other oil and gas companies.

All of our assets are shared with at least one other oil and gas company, and we have a “see to” duty to ensure that these assets are managed to the benefit of all stakeholders. Our partners share our goals.

Our partners are very important for us. They help us to optimise the value and minimise the risk of our assets, and we do the same for them.

Nils Helge Sørgård, Head of Business Development & Commercial

Government partnerships A positive relationship

Wintershall Norge is committed to Norway. We believe in working in partnership with local government and suppliers, guaranteeing a positive outcome for our community. We are located with our main office in Stavanger on the south west coast of Norway, but our operations stretch the length of the country and we believe in sharing our success with all the communities we operate within.
It is important to us to have a positive partnership with national and local authorities throughout Norway, as well as NGOs and local business partners. We want to share our values, and forge closer ties, making sure we are always committed to being open, creative, responsible and entrepreneurial.

We have been in Norway since 2006 and anticipate many decades of positive partnerships and success in the country, being sure to work closely with government partners.

Svein Ildgruben, Government Relations Manager

Supplier relations Atmosphere of trust

Wintershall Norge is one of the leading operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. We are growing fast, and believe in sharing the value of our growth with the community, our partners and our suppliers.

We have a transparent and non-discriminatory procurement process, and believe in creating an atmosphere of trust and collaboration with our suppliers. We recognise the value our suppliers bring to the company. That is why we want to be considered a preferred customer. At Wintershall Norge, we make things happen for our suppliers.

Procurement A close relationship

Wintershall Norge’s procurement team adds value through compliant procurement processes and competitive tendering. The tendering process is based on transparency and equal treatment of suppliers. We use the Achilles joint qualification system in the first selection of tenderers.

Wintershall's performance is dependent on our suppliers, due to the fact that our suppliers represent a significant part of the deliveries.

Cecilie Tefre, Head of Procurement

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