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Statoil closes gas power plant at Mongstad

Statoil will end production at the Mongstad gas power plant in two years' time. Operations will continue normally until then. Environmental groups are pleased with the decision since the power plant emits 250,000 – 300,000 tons of CO₂ annually. The project has had huge economical losses for several years. The power plant was established in 2010 to provide electricity to the local industry and region.



Stable results for Statoil in Q4

Statoil's operating profit was USD 1.66 billion in the fourth quarter last year, compared to USD 1.78 billion in the same period in 2015. Statoil has impairments losses of USD 2.3 billion in the quarter. This is mainly due to reduced long-term price assumptions on exploration wells.



Statoil predicts decision on Castberg in 2017

Statoil`s CFO, Hans Hegge, expects that the partners at the Johan Castberg field will make a decision this year about development. He predicts that the Barents Sea-project will be carried out with startup in 2020. Hegge points out that the project will be important for the supplier industry. The project will create approximately 23,000 jobs.



Statoil discovery near Valemon

Statoil has made a gas discovery of between 20 - 50 million barrels of oil equivalent in the North Sea. “This is an important discovery for the development of Valemon”, says Gunnar Nakken, VP in West operations in Statoil. According to Statoil, the resources can be utilized immediately.   



Seadrill is near bankruptcy

Seadrill and the company`s subsidiaries owe USD 14 billion to creditors, out of which USD 8 billion is mortgage debt. The figures were presented as part of the company`s prospect for refinancing. Analysts claim that it is highly possible that Seadrill will be declared bankrupt. Seadrill is, at least for now, the largest drilling company in the world.


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