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Lures with scent of successExploration success on the Norwegian continental shelf leads German Wintershall to search for over 80 new employees. CEO and chemist Rainer Seele will not lure new employees with high wages, but with “the perfume of success."

Green liquid jelly smelling like citrus are offered to everyone who visit Wintershall` s stand at ONS in Stavanger. There is no doubt that this is an oil and gas company with chemical background. Chairman Rainer Seele is spending busy days at the exhibition, going from Statoil's garden party to a short trip to London to arrange "a minor deal."

The company which is owned by BASF, the world´s leading chemical company, is in the middle of its best era ever with record profits in 2011 and a new record result in the first half of 2012. In Norway, the company has recently made the major discoveries Maria and Skarfjell, and is in the process of clarifying the developments Knarr and Edvard Grieg. Including the UK continental shelf, investments up to NOK 15 billion (€ 2 billion euros) are waiting during the next two-three years. In addition are investments after the last Skarfjell discovery. - Most of these investments are in Norway, says Seele.

The smell of hydrocarbons
Until 2015, Wintershall`s daily production in Norway will increase to nearly 50,000 barrels. Wintershall will therefore increase its workforce from 217 to 300 - and Seele is happy to employ more women. 44 percent of the employees in Wintershall Norge are women and four out of ten in the top management are women. - We are very pleased with the share of women in Norway and hope this will spread to Germany, says Seele. Seele has not planned to join the major wage rise as Minister of Petroleum and Energy Ola Borten Moe warned against. Instead Seele, who has a doctorate in chemistry, talk about alluring scents. - We do not want to tempt employees with money, and we will lose those who are just looking for a better payment offer. Actually, it is as simple as we want those who are looking for an exciting job, those who can recognize the "fragrance of success." We believe that those who can smell hydrocarbons will like our culture, with a lot of team work.

Gas hope in Bønna Also the exploration activity flourishes in Wintershall. Seele has high hopes for exploration drillings Rodriguez and Sverdrup-neighbor Asha Noor. The Company's Exploration Manager still represents the Barents Sea as "the most exciting area at the moment" in an interview with Next year Wintershall will participate in the drilling of the huge gas reservoir Bønna in the Barents Sea where the probability of any discovery is smaller than the average well, but if there will be a discovery, the volume estimate is one billion barrels converted into oil equivalents. - It has been drilled a pilot well where we are now waiting for results, says Seele. A discovery will make a new gas pipeline to the Barents Sea likely. - A pipeline must wait until several findings have been made, says Seele.

Activities in Libya
Chairman Rainer Seele is happy that the oil production in Libya is getting close to “the level before the war”. The capacity is 100,000 barrels per day. Today production is 70,000-80,000 barrels per day and rising.

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