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The big boss on the platformJan Gunnar Øyre once had to fix a gas leak on a platform. Now it's his job to prevent something like that happening again.

- What does your work involve?

- I ensure that everything on the platform is organized in a safe and coordinated way. We aim to avoid unwelcome situations by doing that. At the same time I try to motivate employees to do what's expected of them – and a bit more. 

- How did you become the platform boss?

- I'm a qualified petroleum engineer and have done various jobs in the fields of operation, drilling and underground technology. I deliberately jumped from one field of work to the next so as to acquire as diverse a breadth of experience as possible. I've also completed management and training programs for managing the standby teams. 

- How long have you worked on Brage?

- I was there when Brage was expanded. I was then plant engineer at the launch in 1993. I've worked elsewhere in the meantime and came back here in 2012. 

- Describe a normal working day

- The handover meeting with the night shift starts at 6:45 a.m. I'm informed about the current production situation on board there and write a report to the field partners (editor's note: Wintershall as the operator, as well as Talisman, Petoro, Altinex, Endeavour and Revus). I also attend the handover meeting for the well and the start meeting of the scaffolding suppliers[DA1] , maintenance team and other service companies. The morning meeting – by video – starts on land at 9:30 a.m. There are often further meetings in the course of the day. I'm also out here at the field. It's important for me as the boss to be where people are working and carrying out the planned tasks. The main meeting is at 5 in the evening. There we deal with the work approval applications for everything on the agenda in the night and the next day. We have to go through and coordinate everything. A task that needs heat, for example, can't be carried out at the same time as one where a valve has to be open. 

- Are you satisfied with your pay?

- I can't say anything but: Yes

- What do you eat for lunch?

- Various things, usually salmon sandwich. Also something warm now and again. Luckily we have a good canteen.

- Don't you as an offshore worker have to watch you don't eat too much given all the good things you're served?

- Ha ha, I don't think there are many people who gain weight out there. We have long working days and good opportunities to do fitness training.

- Are you friends with some of the colleagues?

- No, not in private. After all, I see them so often at work. We work, eat and train there together. That means we often spend more than twelve hours a day together. 

- What's the best thing about your job?

- That no one day is like the other and there are new challenges to dig your claws into everyday. I find that interesting. In addition, our roster gives us quite a lot of time off. Those are good aspects. 

- And the bad ones?

- The great responsibility you have as boss for ensuring readiness on board. When something happens, you have to be able to handle it, no matter what it is and when it occurs. I experienced a gas leak in a former job. Fortunately, it all went well, but the potential damage from unwelcome events is huge in this industry. You have to know that and take things extremely seriously – at all times. 

- If you could choose another profession, what would it be?

- I've worked in the oil industry for 34 years and have never thought about working in another. I can't imagine that other jobs are just as exciting. But if I had to choose, it would be in a management post. I like being the boss.


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Wintershall with record production

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