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Drilling the Maria well

Stavanger. Well 6406/3-8 in PL 475BS is located in the Norwegian Sea, on the Halten Terrace, approximately 50 kilometers southwest from the Heidrun field and 20 kilometers southeast of the Åsgard field. Well 6406/3-8 is planned to be drilled as a vertical well to a depth of 4152m with the primary target for the well being the sandstones of the Fangst group.

The prospect and well is named Maria after Odd Helge having played Carlos Santana’s Maria Maria on autorepeat during some late nights in the office. There is also Carlos and Santana prospects temming from the musical overdose.

Wintershall will take over Songa Delta from Det norske at the end of March, depending on the duration of the Draupne well being drilled by the Det norske prior to the operation in PL 475 BS. Well operations on 6406/3-8 are estimated to last between 48 and 60 days based on a dry case and discovery case.

The well can be described as a conventional subsea exploration well making use of standard wellhead equipment and casings to reach the target depth.

Songa Delta Consortium

The drilling rig Songa Delta is contracted by Det norske and Wintershall Norway. The contract started on 1 March 2009 and lasts for three years. Our objective is to conduct all activities in a safe and responsible manner without deviation from regulatory requirements. It is therefore important for us that all work is planned and executed with correct and maintained equipment, with competent personnel and in accordance with the procedures for best practice.

The Maria well is well number 7 out of the approximately 20 wells beeing planed for the three years consortium contract with Songa Delta.

Drilling operation

Odfjell Well Management (OWM) is providing the Well Management servics, while Baker Hughes provides all wellservice (ex. directional drilling, logging, processing of drilling fluids, cuttings, etc.).

Contact: Verena Sattel

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