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Hugo Dijkgraaf takes over as Managing DirectorHugo Dijkgraaf has taken over as Managing Director of Wintershall Norge promising to build on the achievement of his predecessor, Bernd Schrimpf

Hugo Dijkgraaf has taken over as Managing Director of Wintershall Norge promising to build on the achievement of his predecessor, Bernd Schrimpf.

“Bernd has been instrumental in turning Wintershall Norge into one of the country’s most important E&P players. Under his leadership Wintershall moved from being a primarily exploration based company into an end to end operator, with among the highest production in Norway,” said Dijkgraaf.

Schrimpf paid tribute to the Wintershall Norge team, and said he was confident that the company would continue to thrive.

“Since coming to Norway seven years ago, I have been tremendously proud to be involved in the company growing into one of the leading operators in Norway. It has given me particular pleasure to help build a team which I consider one of the best in the country, and I am confident that under Hugo’s leadership, Wintershall Norge will continue to be a success here in Norway and a major part of Wintershall’s global portfolio,” said Schrimpf.

Since the Norwegian company opened in 2006, Norway has become one of Wintershall’s core areas, attracting significant investment and securing around half of the global exploration budget. “This is a humbling commitment that I intend to honour by making sure we continue to deliver projects on time and to budget,” said Dijkgraaf.

The former Maria Project Director takes over, with the subsea development within sight of first oil, and significantly under budget.

“As Project Director for the last five years, I have seen Maria develop from discovery, to concept and execution. Now within sight of first oil, I am proud that the project will soon be adding to our production and making a profit for Wintershall,” he said.

The Statoil-operated Aasta Hansteen development is scheduled to begin production in 2018, with Wintershall’s Skarfjell project due for completion in the coming years.

“This is a very exciting time for Wintershall Norge. We have been given incredible support from all our stakeholders to establish ourselves here in Norway, and with the production we are about to see come online, I will do my very best to make sure we repay that faith,” he said.

Over the past 17 years, Dijkgraaf has held various technical and managerial positions in Germany’s largest internationally active oil and gas producer. He holds a Master’s Degree in petroleum engineering and has worked across a broad range of disciplines including subsurface, strategic planning, development and operations, including offshore platform management. He gained extensive international experience in Wintershall’s worldwide core regions: Germany, the Netherlands, Argentina, Libya and Norway.

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