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Iskanten forblir uendret - Stortingets Energi- og miljøkomité...
Statoil får ny styreleder - Øystein Løseth ble tirsdag valgt...
Wintershall selger utvalgte andeler på norsk sokkel Fokuserer på egne operatørskap / Tellus Petroleum AS blir en del av Maria-utbyggingen

Kassel/Stavanger. Wintershall, et heleid datterselskap av BASF, viderefører strategien og fokusere på egenopererte prosjekter på norsk sokkel. Selskapet optimaliserer porteføljen ved salg av andeler i fire ikke-opererte felt, Knarr (20 prosent), Veslefrikk (4,5 prosent), Ivar Aasen (6,4615 prosent) og Yme (10 prosent).

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Utfordrende markedssituasjon gir også muligheter Ny konsernsjef vil fortsette veksten / Mario Mehren: Strategien vår lykkes / Russland er og blir en viktig region

Paris. Det globale energimarkedet er i endring som aldri før. Økt olje- og skifergassproduksjon i USA har satt prisene for olje og gass under press og endret verdenskartet for energi.

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Wintershall Norge har omkring 50 lisenser på norsk sokkel, noe som gjør oss til en av de største lisensholderne.

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Dato for tildeling


18.06.2015 Wintershall selger utvalgte andeler på norsk sokkel

Fokuserer på egne operatørskap / Tellus Petroleum AS blir en del av Maria-utbyggingen

02.06.2015 Utfordrende markedssituasjon gir også muligheter

Ny konsernsjef vil fortsette veksten / Mario Mehren: Strategien vår lykkes / Russland er og blir en viktig region

08.05.2015 Wintershall tildeler undervannskontrakt for Maria-feltet

Kontraktsverdi på cirka 2,2 milliarder kroner (300 millioner US dollar) / Den andre store Maria-kontrakten tildelt av Wintershall Norge AS

05.05.2015 Wintershall har levert plan for utbygging og drift av Maria

Maria blir Wintershalls første felt fra funn til utbygging i Norge / Kostnadseffektiv utbygging med flere vertsplattformer som benytter eksisterende infrastruktur i...

19.03.2015 Wintershall med stabil inntekt

Fjerde år på rad med milliardoverskudd / Wintershall fortsetter å utvide sine aktiviteter i Norge / Nytt produksjonsmål: 198 million fat i 2018

Selskapets sosiale medier

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A passion for oil and gas and seeing setbacks as challenges: that's Volker Sittnick in a nutshell. He now works as a shift foreman at Wintershall’s oil production facilitity in Aitingen, Bavaria - even though his first application to Wintershall was initially turned down. Learn more about him and his way to Wintershall here: #peopleatwintershall

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We wanted to know which Facebook news did interest you the most in June? Your favorite this time: Our mini-platform L6-B that has begun to produce natural gas in the Dutch North Sea.

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To pluck up one’s courage and jump. That’s how you learn new things and leave your comfort zone – like these young artists from the Russian circus Upsala for children and youngsters, that is supported by Wintershall. Most of these acrobats are former street children who can find their way back to a regular life thanks to the circus. In this sense: We wish you a great start into the week and lots of courage for new challenges! #monday

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Today is the international Day of the Seafarer. We pay deference to all seafarers, especially today - Wintershall relies on the men and women at sea as well. They steer the ships that tow our platforms to the right positions. They supply our offshore platforms with material and transport our produced oil. Thank you! #dayoftheseafarer

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Heavy lifting: two steel tanks in one of our production sites in Northern Germany got a new roof. The tanks, that can hold a total volume of 2.5 million liters, are 11 meters high and have a diameter of 18 meters. To lift the heavyweight roof onto the walls careful planning and a crane lift were needed. We say: Wow!

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Midsummer is celebrated in various ways across Europe. Today on the eve of June 23 our Norwegian colleagues celebrate it too, with a large bonfire - only in Norway the celebration is called St. Hans Day or Jonsok. Enjoy a nice and safe celebration!

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Preparing and explaining complicated technical projects, so everybody can understand them - as a Spokesperson for Research and Technology at Wintershall Katrin can fully live out her passion for complex topics. For example concerning the research project "Schizophyllan" - a biopolymer that shall help produce more oil. The basis is provided by a fungus that grows naturally in forests. Learn more about Katrin and her job at Wintershall here: #peopleatwintershall

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We start the week with an impression from Russia. Rows and rows of Matryoshka dolls are standing in a store in Russia – each doll contains smaller dolls inside. The concept was invented in 1890 in Russia. An idea which is now known worldwide. We wish you a good start into the week – with lots of great ideas! #monday

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We can’t imagine a world without crude oil - but did you know for example that 40,000 products from the chemical industry depend on it? Without oil there would be no iPads, no lunchboxes and no CDs - oil is used as a base material for their plastic. Learn more interesting facts about oil here:

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This particular Wintershall-to-go-cup won’t be used anymore during sunlight. As from today some of our Wintershall colleagues around the world are fasting for 30 days during Ramadan, meaning they are not supposed to eat or drink from dawn to sunset. Respect and Ramadan Kareem! #Ramadan #wintershalltogo


American Petroleum Institute: #Oil under pressure from surprise gain in U.S. crude stocks. #Brent at $63.04/barrel.


C. Fritsch, Commerzbank: “Oversupply will ease gradually in the second half of this year”. #Brent at 62.61$/barrel.


Today you get 1 second as a gift. It compensates the irregular earth’s rotation. What do you do with it? #leapsecond


Brent crude heads to lowest close since April. Greek crisis has investors shun riskier assets #Brent at $62.3/barrel.


Oversupply limits #oil rally potential and puts pressure on price, Petromatrix expert says. #Brent at $62.8/barrel.


Strong demand for #oil products balances oil glut. U.S. #gasoline demand is highest since 1991. #Brent: $63.2/barrel.


Today is #dayoftheseafarer. A big thank you to all seafarers supplying our platforms #offshore! @SeafarerDay @IMOHQ


Heavy lifting: two steel tanks in one of our production sites in Northern Germany get a new roof. #heavylift #crane


U.S. government report expected to show domestic crude inventories fell for an eighth week. #Brent at $64.75/barrel.


#Brent currently at $63.05/barrel. Strong European economic data supports #oil prices despite global oil-surplus.

Wintershall er et internasjonalt olje- og gasselskap Virksomhet på fire kontinenter

Wintershall er et internasjonalt olje- og gasselskap med virksomhet på fire kontinenter. Vi ser tilbake på 120 års boreerfaring. I mer enn 80 år har vi vært involvert i leting og produksjon av råolje og naturgass. Selskapet sysselsetter om lag 2500 personer fra 40 land. Vi er datterselskap av BASF, verdens største kjemiselskap.