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Wintershall selger utvalgte andeler på norsk sokkel Fokuserer på egne operatørskap / Tellus Petroleum AS blir en del av Maria-utbyggingen

Kassel/Stavanger. Wintershall, et heleid datterselskap av BASF, viderefører strategien og fokusere på egenopererte prosjekter på norsk sokkel. Selskapet optimaliserer porteføljen ved salg av andeler i fire ikke-opererte felt, Knarr (20 prosent), Veslefrikk (4,5 prosent), Ivar Aasen (6,4615 prosent) og Yme (10 prosent).

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Utfordrende markedssituasjon gir også muligheter Ny konsernsjef vil fortsette veksten / Mario Mehren: Strategien vår lykkes / Russland er og blir en viktig region

Paris. Det globale energimarkedet er i endring som aldri før. Økt olje- og skifergassproduksjon i USA har satt prisene for olje og gass under press og endret verdenskartet for energi.

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Wintershall Norge lisenskart

Wintershall Norge har omkring 50 lisenser på norsk sokkel, noe som gjør oss til en av de største lisensholderne.

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Dato for tildeling


18.06.2015 Wintershall selger utvalgte andeler på norsk sokkel

Fokuserer på egne operatørskap / Tellus Petroleum AS blir en del av Maria-utbyggingen

02.06.2015 Utfordrende markedssituasjon gir også muligheter

Ny konsernsjef vil fortsette veksten / Mario Mehren: Strategien vår lykkes / Russland er og blir en viktig region

08.05.2015 Wintershall tildeler undervannskontrakt for Maria-feltet

Kontraktsverdi på cirka 2,2 milliarder kroner (300 millioner US dollar) / Den andre store Maria-kontrakten tildelt av Wintershall Norge AS

05.05.2015 Wintershall har levert plan for utbygging og drift av Maria

Maria blir Wintershalls første felt fra funn til utbygging i Norge / Kostnadseffektiv utbygging med flere vertsplattformer som benytter eksisterende infrastruktur i...

19.03.2015 Wintershall med stabil inntekt

Fjerde år på rad med milliardoverskudd / Wintershall fortsetter å utvide sine aktiviteter i Norge / Nytt produksjonsmål: 198 million fat i 2018

Selskapets sosiale medier

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Today is the meteorological beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere. While we wait for colorful leaves and lower temperatures our colleagues in Argentina look forward to spring. Here you can learn more about our core region South America:

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Some of us jump out of their bed and go out for a run, others prefer a cup of coffee to start a new week. We like both ways and wonder: What is your Monday morning ritual? #Monday

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We produce oil and natural gas all over the world – but 50% of the world’s reserves are located in the Middle East, a region with great reserves potential. Wintershall launched its first exploration well here in 2014 for the sour gas and condensate field Shuwaihat in Abu Dhabi. Find more information on the Shuwaihat project and on sour gas on our special site:

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Oljebransjen har fortsatt behov for dyktige medarbeidere i framtiden. Malin Norén Eriksen studerer industriell økonomi med spesialisering i boring og prosjektledelse ved Universitetet i Stavanger. Les hva hun tenker om utsiktene i markedet og sommerjobben hos Wintershall.

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You always wanted to something just because? Today you have the perfect opportunity, because it’s the “Just-because-day”. Do a somersault, wiggle your toes or dance in the rain! We wish you a lot of fun!

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Jan Gabe van der Weide thinks that geoscientists are a special type of people: They love their jobs and are fueled by a passion for nature and geology. With this passion Jan Gabe van der Weide is exactly in the right place at Wintershall. Get to know him and his job:

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After the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Tour des Fjords, one of the biggest events of the cycling season took place this weekend: the annual Tour de Wintershall. Starting at our office in Stavanger to the finish line in Sogndalstrand, in total 18 colleagues participated the 100km tour along the south west coast of Norway. In the end everybody was very proud of having arrived in spite of all challenging hills along the track. Thumbs up for our athletic colleagues in Norway!

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After busy days travelling through Germany, it is already time to say goodbye. In the last few days, the students had the chance to discover the Wintershall world and to learn about technology “made in Germany”. At Wintershall, we hope that everyone enjoyed the study tour. We wish the students a safe trip back to Abu Dhabi and we are looking forward to welcoming the students from the @Petroleum Institute in the years to come. Ma’a salama مع السلامة! #JourneyOfDiscovery2015

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"The exploration and production of natural resources is a fairly new development in my country - the Emirate of Abu Dhabi started exporting oil in 1962. Before that, they were fishing for pearls - which was also a very risky activity, just as mining! The visit of the mining museum and World Cultural Heritage site in Rammelsberg was particularly interesting to me. It shows that people can become very creative when it comes to developing the technologies they require to secure their living. When there is a will, there is a way. I believe that we need more of this creative spirit nowadays to promote innovative technologies." Fatma Ahmad Al Suwaidi, 20, studies chemical engineering at the Petroleum Institute. #JourneyOfDiscovery2015

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"As a chemical engineer, the visit of the world’s leading chemical company BASF was particularly interesting to me. Today at BASF, we focused on the different uses crude oil can have once it is refined. It is fascinating how many applications one fossil fuel can have, and how many industry sectors use its different components. Besides this, I understood the importance of research and innovation, for instance to develop techniques to protect the environment or to find new oil recovery methods." Mariam Abdulrahman Al Baloushi, 21, studies chemical engineering at the Petroleum Institute. #JourneyOfDiscovery2015


China's giant manufacturing sector contracts at its fastest pace in three years. #Brent currently at 52.70$/Barrel.


After #Brent climbed 10 percent last week, #oil prices fell on Monday. One barrel Brent is now at $48,95.


U.S. economy grew faster than expected in the second quarter. The oil market reacted positive. #Brent at $48.25.


World stock markets rallied and an unexpected fall in U.S. crude inventories let #oil prices rise. #Brent at $44.89.


#Oil stabilised after China's central bank moved to support the country's economy. #Brent at 43.38/barrel.


European equity markets recovered on Tuesday. #Oil bounced back from heavy losses. #Brent currently at $44.19/barrel.


Commerzbank: "Today's falls are not about #oil market fundamentals. It's all about China". #Brent at $43.73/barrel.


Brent oil was down another 40 cents after settling 54 cents lower on Thursday. #Brent at $46.22/barrel.


US crude inventories rose to 456.21 mill. barrels. Markets had been expecting a stock draw. #Brent at $46.41/barrel.


#Oil prices steady, consolidating after a six-week rout driven by global oversupply. #Brent at $48.88/barrel.

Wintershall er et internasjonalt olje- og gasselskap Virksomhet på fire kontinenter

Wintershall er et internasjonalt olje- og gasselskap med virksomhet på fire kontinenter. Vi ser tilbake på 120 års boreerfaring. I mer enn 80 år har vi vært involvert i leting og produksjon av råolje og naturgass. Selskapet sysselsetter om lag 2500 personer fra 40 land. Vi er datterselskap av BASF, verdens største kjemiselskap.