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Responsibility & HSEQ

Wintershall Norge is relentlessly focused on being a responsible and ethical operator. We are unbending in our commitment to health, safety and the environment. 

We are committed to the Norwegian Continental Shelf and believe strongly that we should strive to make a valuable contribution to Norwegian society.

Vision & policy

HSEQ is an integral part of all our activities. Our policy leads the way to achieving our objectives, creating a positive attitude towards HSEQ and encouraging improvement to our HSE culture. Our HSEQ vision is to continuously aim for zero harm to people, the environment and assets.

Our HSEQ policy is to protect health, safety and the environment, together with providing quality services and products as a primary goal. Company managers are committed to taking all necessary action to carry out this policy.

To achieve our HSEQ vision and policy:

  • We make HSEQ and risk mitigation our top priorities at all levels in the organisation
  • We strive to prevent pollution, reduce emissions and protect biodiversity in all activities with potentially significant environmental impacts
  • We identify, assess and manage risks in all activities and operations, to minimise or eliminate harm to people, the environment and assets
  • We use energy responsibly and efficiently by applying energy management and energy efficient technology where appropriate
  • We operate in compliance with relevant regulations and requirements
  • We seek continual improvement of HSEQ performance through monitoring, reporting, auditing and mitigating actions
  • We create a positive working environment in which people take ownership of business activities
  • We create a safe working environment where people retain their health
  • We set HSEQ goals and objectives as performance targets
Teaser Corporate Responsibility Report Wintershall

Corporate responsibility report

At Wintershall we take our commitment seriously. Our new responsibility report shows how Wintershall understands and exercises responsibility in respect of its employees, the environment and society.

The Wintershall Group’s activities in all three sustainability dimensions economy, ecology and social issues are summarized here in a clear and vivid manner. Please see our latest report.

Wintershall Corporate Responsibility Report 2017 (English)

Offshore employee on a platform
At Wintershall Norge we are committed to ensuring a healthy working environment for our people.

Health & working environment

At Wintershall Norge we are committed to ensuring a healthy working environment for our people. We provide a healthy and inspiring working environment by continuously considering the conditions that influence our people’s welfare. We consider it vital to seek continuous improvement in occupational health not only among our employees but also among contracted and third party personnel.


Employees discussing
At Wintershall Norge, the safety of our employees, our contractors and suppliers will always be our key priority.

Safety first

At Wintershall Norge, the safety of our employees, our contractors and suppliers will always be our key priority. We continuously manage the risk associated with our operations and ensure high technical standards and inherent safety in the design of our installations. We cooperate with our contractors and suppliers to ensure that any unsafe acts and operations are stopped.

Risk management is based on an interaction between personnel, organisation and technology. It involves identifying hazards, evaluating risk and systematically managing that risk. Comprehensive risk management processes are applied to understand and prevent major accidents.

We record and evaluate incidents to prevent recurrence and establish goals and performance indicators to continuously improve our HSE performance.

Emergency preparation helps us to know how to act in case of an emergency situation and how to minimize the consequences. 

Wintershall Norge is also committed to security, which means protecting the safety of our employees, our information and our assets.

Employees discussing
At Wintershall Norge, the safety of our employees, our contractors and suppliers will always be our key priority.


At Wintershall Norge we are strongly committed to environmental management. Our vision is to operate with zero harm to our environment. To achieve this we integrate environmental management and energy management in our planning and decision-making processes, at all levels in the organisation.

In 2017 Wintershall Norge became the first oil and gas operator in Norway to be certified for Energy Management (ISO 50001). At the same time we gained our Environmental Management (ISO 14001) certification. Together, the two ISO standards will help us reduce energy use and our environmental impact.

We also focus on minimising ecological disturbance in our operations, paying particular attention not to harm sensitive habitats, and to preserving biological diversity. To achieve this, we apply low-impact technologies.

Preserving the environment is self-evidently in the interest of everyone on the planet. We also recognise that environmental protection is in our own financial interests.

Janne Lea, Head of HSEQ

Quality Management Ensuring HSEQ excellence

At Wintershall Norge we are committed to ensuring that all our activities are planned, designed, constructed, drilled, operated, and maintained to high and consistent standards.

We have established a business management system to ensure we meet these standards by defining expectations for identifying and managing quality. The management system sets the minimum requirements for performance and provides guidance to Wintershall Norge employees and contractors on how to perform their work. The system also reflects our regulatory commitments. We are committed to continuously improving all our phases of activities and processes to meet our goals.

Our risk management processes are key to achieving our HSEQ objectives.

Janne Lea, Head of HSEQ

Photo: Emilie Ashley/SSO
Wintershall is a proud sponsor of the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra (SSO). Photo by Emile Ashley.
Social Responsibility Giving back to Norwegian society

Wintershall Norge takes its responsibility to Norway seriously. We are here for the long term and believe in contributing to Norwegian society. We employ and train the best local talent, focus on local charities and support Norwegian amateur sports teams.

We are also prolific collectors of art, recognising the best Norwegian talent, and helping to nurture the next wave of Norwegian artists.

Wintershall Norge Art Collection

Ethics & Compliance Committed to ethical operations

Wintershall Norge has an unwavering commitment to behaving in an ethical way. We are one of the leading operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and we pride ourselves on already being a leader in the ethical way we interact with each other, our partners and the world.

To see what we do to ensure we conduct every part of our business in the most ethical manner, please see our ethical guidelines. Wintershall Norge has a comprehensive training programme to ensure staff at every level of the business meets the regulatory requirements demanded by the Norwegian authorities, and to meet standards on issues from health and safety, corruption and confidentiality to child labour.

Learn more about our Compliance Program

Impact Assessments

The Nova Development

Nova (formerly known as Skarfjell) is an oil discovery located in the northeastern North Sea, around 16 kilometers south west of the Gjøa field. The Upper Jurassic reservoir sand is of very good quality containing light oil with a significant oil column and a gas cap. The discovery was made in 2012 by the drilling of exploration well 35/9-7.

Under the preferred solution the field will be developed with two subsea templates tied back to the nearby Gjøa platform for processing and export. Gjøa will also provide lift gas to the field and water injection for pressure support. The expected recoverable reserves are estimated to 80 million barrels of oil equivalents.

The majority of the discovery is located in PL418, with minor volumes in PL378, 248C, and an open area (former PL420).

The impact assessment for Nova has been prepared by Wintershall Norge on behalf of the partnership. Comments may be submitted to the company with copy to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy by 5 February 2018.

Nova impact assessment (Norwegian only)

The Maria field

The Maria field was discovered in 2010 within the Production Licenses 475BS and 475CS, awarded in 2009 and 2011, respectively. The field is operated by Wintershall Norge AS with Petoro AS and Centrica Resources (Norge) as partners.

The field is located in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea, 200 km from the mainland with a water depth of 300m. The Maria field contains oil and associated gas, with total recoverable reserves amounting to 180 million barrels of oil equivalents. The recommended development solution is a sub-sea tie-back to the Kristin platform to handle the production, but also involves water injection services from the Heidrun platform approximately 40 km to the north and gas from the Åsgard/Tyrihans system approximately 20 km south of Maria for gas lift.

Download the Maria Impact Assessment (Norwegian only)

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